What is Izumi?

Izumi means abundant source of water in Japanese, and it is a brand that has grown with the energy it takes from its name.


Are the products on sale original?

All of the products sold on are original.


Is VAT included in the product prices?

VAT is included in the sale prices of all products sold on


What should I do if I receive the wrong size, color or model of the product that I have ordered?

If the delivered product has a different size, model or color than you have ordered, you can contact our customer services by calling 0212 470 02 00 and change your product.


I just placed an order. May I change it?

If your order from is not yet shipped, you can always change your order by contacting the customer services via 0212 470 02 00.


May I change the delivery address for my order?

Check if your order is shipped or not. If it is not shipped yet, you can change the delivery address. To do this, you can contact the customer services by calling 0212 470 02 00.


The product that I wanted to order is sold out, will it be on sale again?

The sold-out products will be back on sale unless the season is over since our stocks are regularly replenished.


How should I clean my products?

Since Izumi products are made of sensitive technological fabrics, you should always clean your products according to the washing and drying instructions given on their labels.



Shipment / Delivery

When will I receive my order?

Domestic orders reach their recipients in 1-3 workdays. The delivery time for overseas orders depend on the country, but it is generally 1-7 workdays.


How can I find out if my order is shipped or not?

You can follow the status of your order from the 'Order Details' page on the website.


Is there anything I should watch out for when the courier delivers the product?

Yes. Products may get damaged during transportation. Therefore, before accepting the product please check for any damage, tear, wetness etc. on the package. In that case, do not accept the package and ask the courier to write a report.



The package has arrived, but it was returned since I was not at home. How can I get my package?

In case you were not present at the address provided, the product will be delivered to the nearest courier branch and be kept there for the next 3 days. You can visit that branch with your ID and receive your package. The products that are not received within 3 days will be sent back to Izumi Sport.



Cancellation & Return

How long will it take for my payment to be returned when I cancel my order?

When you cancel your order or return your product, your money will be returned within 7-10 workdays once we receive the product.



In how many days should I return my product?

You can return your product within 15 days following the delivery of the product.



The product that I received is faulty. What should I do?

In case you return the product within the return period of 15 days, your money will be paid back following the required procedures. In case we have the same product in our stocks, you will be informed so that you can place a new order.



Overseas Order

May I place an order from overseas?

Yes. You can place orders from overseas.



What is the shipping fee for overseas orders?

The shipping fee for overseas orders varies according to the country where the order has been placed. The shipping fee can be seen in the payment page appearing after entering the delivery address. The customs duty that may arise due to the customs legislation of your country will be covered by you.



May I return my overseas orders?

Yes, you can. When you want to return any product delivered to an overseas address, the shipping fee and the customs duty should be covered by you.



Within how many days can I return my overseas order?

You can return your order within 15 days following the delivery of your order.


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