You can track your order by clicking 'My Orders' tab after logging into your account by entering your e-mail address and password.


If the ordered products are available in our stocks, your orders will be approved immediately and prepared for shipment.

If we are out of stock for the ordered product, the supply process will be initiated. During this period, you will see "Order Received" status on 'My Orders' page. After your products are supplied, the status will change into "Being Prepared", indicating that the invoice is being issued and the product is being delivered to the courier company. When your order is prepared and delivered to the courier company, the order status will become "Shipped". After this point, you can track your shipment using your parcel tracking number. 


You can learn your parcel tracking number from 'My Orders' page. Moreover, this number will also be sent to your mobile phone and e-mail address. By entering your parcel tracking number to "Where is my package?" section of the courier company's website, you can find out the location, the situation and the expected delivery date of your package.

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